Saturday, March 28, 2009

New WWF issues for 2009


In this post you will be able to find all new issues carrying the official Panda Logo, for 2009.

As information becomes available I will also keep you aware of, if any, all illegal issues released for 2009. Indeed, it is unfortunate but almost every year we see some postal administration issuing stamps with the Panda Logo and heralding the WWF when, in fact, these issues have not been sanctioned by the WWf nor its official agent in Switzerland.

The first issuing nation for 2009 is Sao Tome E Principe with a set of 4 stamps featuring the "Grey Parrot". As you can see by the pictures these stamps can be obtained in 2 different formats.
  1. As a strip of 4 with the Panda Logo on the stamps

  2. Double Souvenir Sheet with 2 complete sets and imprints on the sheet

If these stamps and supporting the WWF is of interest come and visit

for this set and many others.

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